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July 1, 2013

Yolanthe & Wesley spotted on the beaches in Ibiza


The couple, that are celebrating their days off, are enjoying the sunshine.  Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and forms part of the Pitiusas Islands. Ibiza has a typical Mediterranean climate boasting three hundred days of sunshine a year, with fifty-eight beaches to enjoy them.

yolanthe cabauYolanthe Sneijder Cabau is the perfect ornament for the stunning Malibu Beach on Ibiza island where she is spotted strolling with her husband Wesley Sneijder. Along with friends and family they enjoy splashing around in the warm Balearic waters.

For many, Ibiza which is ‘Eivissa’ in Catalan means partying all night in the Mediterranean clubs. There is, however, another side to the island. The Greeks called Ibiza and Formentera the Islas Pitiusas (Islands of Pine Trees), and about half the island remains covered by these thick woods. Away from the main resorts and towns, the island has a gentle breathless charm where the lovebirds return to every summer to spend their quality time.

Not only was Yolanthe born on this island in 1985, Yolanthe’s father Xavier Cabau left his assets and goods to his children when he passed away in September 2007. He was a respected entrepreneur, and owned several hotels, restaurants and clubs on the island Ibiza. Because of his empire he is sometimes referred to as ‘the King of Ibiza’.

The star couple inherited an amazing house at the cove with an breathtaking view of the Balearic sea. It is one of the houses where Yolanthe and her siblings grew up. Wesley & Yolanthe – that got married in July 2010 – will probably be spending their summers here more often.